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Culvert installation at the NSC's new field expansion project

01/28/2015, 4:45pm CST
By Barclay Kruse, NSC Chief Communications Officer

Minnesota's continued mild winter has allowed the National Sports Center's (NSC) field expansion project to continue. The NSC is currently building eight new fields on the northeast portion of our campus, between 105th and 109th Ave. NE, just to the east of the existing I, K and M fields. This is the first phase of an eventual 20-field expansion that will bring the NSC's total field inventory to 66 fields.

Today was a big day, as the crew installed a large culvert that will allow the construction of a parking lot access road from the west (Davenport St.) The new road will take traffic over an existing drainage channel to access a new parking lot that will serve the newly built fields.

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The NSC is funding the expansion with $3.2 million of state capital bonding funds approved by the legislature during the 2014 session. The fields are being developed on 80 acres of land the NSC already owns.

Here is a photo gallery of the culvert installation work that took place on January 28, 2015.

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