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NSC's Green Team holds its first meeting

01/22/2015, 3:30pm CST
By Hannah Van Eendenburg, MN GreenCorps Waste Prevention and Recycling

January 15, the National Sports Center (NSC) had its first official Green Team meeting. The NSC Green Team is a group of employees committed to the advancement of sustainable practices throughout the entire campus.

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It is important to bring a group of interested and committed employees together to share ideas, problems, and concerns. Internal motivation will allow the NSC to successfully promote sustainability to the public and create long-term, practical solutions to environmental problems.

The team will meet quarterly to discuss sustainability initiatives, ideas, problems, and solutions. The five key divisions of sustainability the team will discuss are: energy conservation, water conservation, waste prevention and recycling, food waste, and toxins and chemicals. The team has representatives from almost every department on campus, including Victory Links Golf Course, Schwan Super Rink, Accounting, Marketing, and Sports Services.

Comments, questions, concerns? Please contact Hannah Van Eendenburg at or 763-785-5647.


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